Norman Reedus Tells Walking Dead Fans To Bring Kleenex To Season 5 Finale

CB: Norman Reedus, who plays the crossbow wielding survivor Daryl Dixon, warns fans of The Walking Dead to bring tissues for the season 5 finale. Uh-Oh!

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04roacht1511d ago

We all think that the tissues are for tears. But who knows he could be referring to something else. Maggie maybe? hehe

RetrospectRealm1511d ago

Wtf you talking about? Everybody loves Maggie.

04roacht1511d ago

I was making a masturbation joke. Guess it wasn't very good haha. I do think Daryl will die in the finale. I think he has a good run but is at the end of his rope. He has peaked. Give him a heroes send off.

SantistaUSA1510d ago

that was a good joke lol :p

aDDicteD1510d ago

he should have kept it as a surprise to make it more shocking and memorable.

RetrospectRealm1510d ago

He really spoil anything. It's obvious something huge would happen in a finale.

Aldous_Snow1510d ago

I would like to think Carl will croke it but this would be more of a celebration and we know Neegan messes him up and kills Glenn in Season 6 so I'm guessing Carol will meet her maker. That old broad been on one hell of a journey.

Off topic, but I still don't think the Guv'nor is dead. We all know in the TV/movie world that if you don't actually see them die, then they are not dead