When Will the Age of Video Game Movies Begin?


There’s no denying we’re in the middle of the comic book movie golden age. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is in full force, the DC Cinematic Universe is starting to blossom, and countless other comics are being adapted into a number of different forms. Movies based on comics have been around for decades, and they’re not stopping anytime soon, but what about the other things out there to be adapted? Board games seemed like the “next big thing” at one point, and surely Young Adult literature is having quite a bit of success, but where Hollywood always goes back to is video games, despite years of poor products that have yielded even worse returns. So when will it be the age of video game movies?

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ajax171508d ago

Hopefully it will begin with The Last of Us. I can't see it happening with the Uncharted film, considering the director. I hope The Last of Us nabs a decent director

Porcelain_Chicken1508d ago

It's all up to the script. I mean who knew the Russo brothers could make something like Cap2. Or James Gunn making something like Guardians. You really never know.

I think the golden age of VG movies will start when they stop warping the source material to the point where it's unrecognizable. I don't mean copy the exact game into a carbon copy. Yes you can have a bit of freedom but make sure you capture what made the game great! The atmosphere, the characters etc.