Marvel And Sony's 'Spider-Man' Writer and Director Revealed


Kellvin here! Your friendly neighborhood website has been working on this scoop for a few weeks and its sure to get the inter-webs going crazy. This scoop is something that I personally have been working on and kept under wraps even amongst the rest of the writers of the site. So this news is breaking not just to you, our loyal readers, but also to our entire writing staff.

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Soldierone1512d ago

Still stupid ideas galore. The Sinister Six are okay together, but giving each one a spin off film is dumb. Half of them couldn't carry a comic story alone, let alone a movie.

As far as I'm concerned, this confirms nothing either. It's just further enhancing a rumor that was already out there.

Ryasha1511d ago

I don't think they meant give each one a spin-off. I think they mean give the Sinister Six a spin-off of their own like Sony already had planned before.

StarWarsFan1511d ago

Sony has done the impossible and really mucked up the Spider-Man franchise. Another reason I am not hopeful about the Ghostbusters reboot.

KingPin1511d ago

ghostbusters reboot
mad max reboot
indiana jones reboot
ben-hur reboot

WTF hollywood?

StarWarsFan1510d ago

Well, Ben-Hur is more a remake, isn't it? But I see your point. I don't get why we've resulted to rebooting everything. Before we always complained about sequels, now I'd prefer a sequel rather than a reboot to everything. And they reboot this stuff as fast as rebooting a computer. It's like they're not even worried about making a good sequel because if they screw it up, they can reboot the franchise. Or just reboot the reboot.

KingPin1510d ago

my thoughts exactly, even if the movie is utter garbage it still makes millions (iron man 2 comes to mind) so there isn't any incentive to make good movies.

as for ben-hur, i agree, its more of a remake than a reboot but my main gripe is why? why would you remake a classic? its like telling someone to repaint the mona lisa coz they can do it better with modern technology. its just something that shouldnt be done.

im guessing if ben-hur does well, prepare yourself for a gone with the wind, marry poppins and sound of music remakes.