Dylan O'Brien Already Cast As Spider-Man?


This comes with the requisite large grain of salt since it’s from the wild and woolly world of Reddit. Yet it’s still a rumor worth discussing simply because Dylan O’Brien was said to be on Sony and Marvel’s wishlist a few weeks ago, and because the redditor who sparked it was willing to double down and claim the actor had signed for the part.

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StarWarsFan1857d ago

I think Tobey Maguire still stands as the best Spider-Man. I don't envy casting a new incarnation because it is hard to find someone that can pull off the strength and the geeky awkwardness all at the same time.

SouthClaw1857d ago

Nah to me Garfield was much better. Maguire had better stories no doubt but as a character Garfield was better.

StarWarsFan1856d ago

I feel Garfield brought this arrogance and cockiness, which may be more the fault of the director or writers. I thought Tobey's version was more endearing and a proper mix between when he's Peter Parker and when he puts on the mask. Garfield just seemed the same mask or no-mask.

Kurylo3d1857d ago

Problem was never tobey.. the problem was that god awful third film and the material he had to work with. That cringe worthy dance scene and horrible ideas all around. Dont understand how they could have messed up the third film THAT bad. Its like they were trying to do it on purpose.

Stringerbell1857d ago

I still dont get why that dance scene was put in...

StarWarsFan1856d ago

I still enjoyed "Spider-Man 3" more than "The Amazing Spider-Man 2." I felt this last movie was just an utter mess.