5 Possible Hairstyles for Jared Leto's Joker


After Jared Leto was announced as Joker, the Internet took little to no time coming up with photoshop edits of the possibilities for his look. Was he going to be more suave and dapper like the Joker of old, or something more contemporary? Right now, Leto is sporting a lumbersexual Jesus appearance and we’re sure DC/WB isn’t going to go for that. Rumor has it he’s in the process of getting trimmed and proper for his look this week, so here at we made a small list of looks that Leto could rock for his Joker look.

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WizzroSupreme1512d ago

I'd kinda like to see him go with a spiky Sid Vicious haircut. Might fit the wilder, punk Joker that could be a fresh change of pace for how preppy the Joker's been historically.

dota2champion1512d ago

Keep the hair from the The Dark Knight