The Last Man on Earth Episodes 1 & 2 Review: “Alive in Tuscon”/”The Elephant in the Room” | TVOM

TVOM: "The premise of The Last Man on Earth is a simple one – the title really explains it all. Yet The Last Man on Earth is not a simple show, a comedy that is equal parts existential, absurd, and reflective – and at its best, a charming, weird combination of all three. Created by (and starring) Will Forte as the eponymous last man, The Last Man on Earth is the rare high-concept premise that works, a comedy that is as comfortable working in silence and subtlety as it is with delivering juvenile excrement jokes – which may not sound appealing, but makes for 2015’s first promising new network series."

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WizzroSupreme1510d ago

This actually looks good. I trust anyone who came up with The Lego Movie, so I'd totally check this out now.