5 Most Awaited Movies of 2015

Movie freaks are always keen to know about the upcoming movies that are scheduled to be released in prospective years. Talking about the upcoming movies of 2015, it seems that the year 2015 is packed with all the prequels and sequels to the most successful movie franchises of Hollywood.

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KingPin1509d ago

the only movies from that list il watch is Fast 7, star wars and mad max. personally im done with comic book movies especially marvel ones.

Alxe1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

Mad Max is also good

andron1509d ago

Yeah really just Mad Max I have any great hopes for here...

Lord_Sloth1509d ago

The only movie I'm NOT watching on that list is Ant Man.

cell9891509d ago

so says the guy with The King Pin as its avatar lol. I'll take Avengers 2 over Fast 7 ant day of the week and twice on sunday. Do not over hype Mad Max, we dont know how good thats going to be

KingPin1509d ago

an avatar created before marvels phase one was even in existence. :)

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hazelamy1509d ago

looking forward to all those, though i would put Avengers at number 1.

kurruptor1509d ago

Nothing against Ant-man, but it certainly isn't a movie that a lot of people are waiting for.