Josh Hutcherson on the Crazy 'Hunger Games' Experience and (Maybe) Playing Spider-Man

MTV: First thing’s first: Yes, Josh Hutcherson would still like to play Spider-Man. We talked to the 22-year-old Hunger Games star last week on the eve of his new Project Imagination collaboration with director-producer Ron Howard, and we brought up his previous superhero aspirations.

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-Foxtrot1515d ago

Stop with the pretty boys Sony, you guys need an average Joe

Say what you want about Toby McGuire but he nailed Peter Parker.

Spiderman 2 was so good because you had this average looking guy who seemed believable with life beating him down while being a masked hero protecting the City. He had his head just above the water during those films and it came off really well. Having some really good looking, fresh faced guy is not going to be believable that he's this "lovable" nerd whos "normal life'" is getting him down.

Porcelain_Chicken1513d ago

Ha! Is Josh Hutcherson considered a pretty boy?

Either way i feel he's wrong for the part. He feels way too short. If Marvel & Sony are dead set on going the young & fresh faced route, my vote is on Logan Lerman. He reminds me a bit of Maguire. They are the same height & all. Plus after watching him in The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Fury i can say he's a really good actor fully capable of giving us something special. Plus he can prolly get us Alexandra Daddario as Gwen Stacy. :O......

-Foxtrot1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

"Logan Lerman. He reminds me a bit of Maguire"

God no...Logan is worse. He's alright acting wise but nothing special (seen Percy Jackson....if not, don't), even still nothing about him screams Peter Parker, so even if you or someone else thinks he's good acting wise it shouldn't matter as being a "good" actor doesn't mean he's automatically going to pull off a role. Way too fresh faced and young looking, he'd end up giving Spiderman a kid film feel and wouldn't fit in the Marvel Universe. He's that bad in my list it makes Josh look like an amazing choice.

He literally reminds me of nothing like Maguire. Logan and Josh lean towards the Andrew Garfield way and that's their first mistake.

Porcelain_Chicken1513d ago

I've seen Percy Jackson. Not a great movie to judge him from to be fair. They're probably going for that young look to balance out the aging team and add a bit of variety. Thor and Iron man are both a lot older. While Cap is technically in his 90's xD. Getting a young Spidey again kinda blows but I can see why they'd go that route since he won't be alone. And if he adds variety to the team then I can get used to it if done right.

Also what do you mean by being too fresh faced? I don't remember Peter ever being anything just that. Or close. He's always fairly young and must be at least somewhat attractive considering Mj, Gwen, Felicia, and Betty all took a liking to him at one point. As for being awkward and nerdy I think that's all up to the direction they decide to go with and not the actor per se. They tried really hard too make Maguire look like a cliche' nerd. They took a weird hipster vibe with Garfield. I wouldn't blame Garfields fault. Also Marvel/Disney films are kids films.