Blade Runner 2 Just Got The Perfect Director

WOW247: "We knew Blade Runner 2 was happening. We knew Harrison Ford would be back as Deckard. We also knew that Ridley Scott would not be returning to the director’s chair – and speculation promptly turned to thoughts of just who would step into the gap to direct the sci-fi sequel.

"Now we have an answer. And it’s about as exciting a choice as we could have hoped for."

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ajax171511d ago

Yes, Denis is quite the unique director. I love all his major releases. Enemy, Prisoners and Incendies are all great!

Stringerbell1511d ago

Incendies was fantastic! Such a shock ending.

GiantEnemyCrab1511d ago

Scott will still be in a producer role. Great choice and I am very excited for this sequel.

aDDicteD1510d ago

he looks like a good fit for a movie like bade runner. with todays technology i bet it would be as good as the first as long as they inserted a promising continuity plot.

coolbeans1510d ago

I'm in total agreement with the title. While I've only seen Enemy thus far, the kind of atmosphere and subtlety he seems to go for fits perfectly for this universe.