9 Ways The Amazing Spider-Man Almost Turned Out Awesome

WC: The Amazing Spider-Man is now officially over. Andrew Garfield is a former Peter Parker, The Sinister Six will never assemble (at least not with Dane DeHaan at the head) and you’ll never have to suffer through Electro’s dub-step soundtrack again.

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hazelamy1518d ago

only 8?

why not 15?


on that many pages with one picture and a short sentence per page.

Stringerbell1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

Every What-culture 'piece' in a nutshell. It a modern day GeoCities page, but without dancing hamsters.

hazelamy1518d ago

i might be more inclined to visit if it had dancing hamsters. ^_^

Stringerbell1518d ago

Well they would be on page 5 unfortunately =/

alycakes1515d ago

I don't even bother with the WC stories