Netflix Rebooting Inspector Gadget for Streaming Masses

Hyper Focused Media's Carl Williams writes, "When I was younger, I remember watching Inspector Gadget on television and wishing my parents had a car like the GadgetMobile. That car was pretty sweet, especially to a younger viewer like I was at the time. I guess I am weird since I didn’t really want to be Inspector Gadget himself, which seemed to be too much trouble and pain/operations to go through to achieve. That car though, that was as simple as my parents just buying it. Much easier in a youngsters eyes, at least mine. Anyhow, Netflix has seen the light and is not only rebooting Danger Mouse but also Inspector Gadget. Talk about a win-win day. Now if they would just reboot Count Duckula, or at least add it to the lineup."

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Soldierone1514d ago

Between this and Duck Tales I'm just waiting for Darkwing Duck and Gargoyles now :P (Though i think the second one was attempted already)

triverse1514d ago

There is a live action Gargoyles reboot in the works.

Soldierone1514d ago

Aww man, I don't want a live action one I want the cartoon back!