Four New Fantastic Four Stills Arrive - Teller, Mara, Bell, Jordan & Mole Man


Chronicle director Josh Trank has made a Fantastic Four movie - but not one like the Chris Evans 'n' Jessica Alba version you may remember. This one has Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Bell in it, for starters, and what's more, it's distinctly less "cartoonish", to quote the director himself. For proof, here are some stills from the upcoming film, straight from the new issue of Empire, on shelves today.

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Anthotis1513d ago

They can't get the ethnicity of actors right, or the outfits.


Crazay1513d ago

I don't care about the outfits so much as changing the origins of the characters. I think the costumes are secondary to be honest

R6ex1512d ago

Oh, I miss the previous cast ... *hint* babe.

strangeaeon1512d ago

All four are horribly cast, I can scarcely find the words. Reed is homely as all hell, Sue is not blonde, Ben Grimm is a 5' nothing twerp, and Johnny is black. Why did they have to cast the black man as the one that catches fire?