More Reboots Aren't a Solution For Bad Moviemaking

From Cinelinx:

That cult movie you love from 30 years ago? It’s coming back as a remake. Did the last attempt at a movie adaptation of a well-loved comic book hero not go so well? Don’t worry, they’re rebooting it. Does your favorite childhood film no longer appeal to newer generations? One word: remake.

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-Foxtrot1520d ago

The sad thing is they could do a Total Recall sequel with Arnie and I'd totally watch it over the reboot/remake

Wish Minority Report stuck to being a sequel to Total Recall

coolbeans1519d ago

Agree with that point. Modern movie-making seems to be going after those Inception-esque blockbusters less and less in today's age. There has to be some established base before so many original IPs can get off the ground with a big budget.