Lady Gaga to Headline American Horror Story Season 5

American Horror Story has found its next Monster. Literally.

The franchise stunned viewers today by releasing the first teaser for Season 5, which will be subtitled "Hotel" and which will replace Jessica Lange as the leading lady...

... with LADY GAGA!

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alycakes1513d ago

Okay......she can be very strange but most of the time in a good way but with her music.

-Foxtrot1513d ago

LOL...not a fan of the show as I think it's way over rated but this is hilarious

She can't act and she's replacing Jessica Lange, the person fans agree is the best addition to the show.

Soldierone1512d ago

American Horror story is the show all the "I'm too cool for TWD" go, so it's perfect for them lol