The Walking Dead Season 5 Finale Extended To 90 Minutes


The Walking Dead Season 5 finale reportedly has a runtime of 90 minutes, extending the typical 60-minute format by 30 minutes.

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Crazay1515d ago

Awesome - 35 minutes of show + 55 minutes of commercials. WEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

alycakes1515d ago

I know those commercials seem to last forever

RetrospectRealm1515d ago

Not sure if you guys are being serious, but a 1:30 long show means around 60 minutes of show, 30 minutes of commercials.

Soldierone1515d ago

Every time AMC extends TWD is isn't due to the show, it's due to commercials.

So they really just extended to a half hour more of commercials, and maybe 5-10 minutes of show. Remember these episodes were finished a long time ago, so if it need an hour and half, it would have already had it.

RetrospectRealm1515d ago

I don't know about that. But just because they just announced that it's 1:30 now, doesn't mean that they already knew that for a long time.