Person Of Interest Season 4 Episode 16 Review: “Blunt” | TVOM

TVOM: "The most difficult thing about creating a work of science-fiction like Person Of Interest is that there is an extended suspension of disbelief required. It’s one thing to create a world such as Mad Men, which is just standard domestic fiction; or create one like Supernatural, which so clearly exists in a world outside our own that we start with a blank slate. But sci-fi the Person Of Interest way attempts to both keep the world we live in now and combine it with futuristic elements. You can lose yourself in that, because the show is built on big concepts and ideas. Two AI’s are battling out for dominance, causing stock market crashes and predicting terrorist threats is quite a load to deal with. But the sci-fi “big concepts big ideas” start to bleed over into the rest of the stuff that isn’t sci-fi, and that’s where things get bogged down. WE leave the Uncanny Valley that makes us so uncomfortable in the first place and take our first steps towards the audience’s “interruption of the dream”; that is, they start to see the show as a work of fiction, instead of being immersed in the narrative as true text. Characters become too smart; events happen too neatly; plot starts to supersede character."

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