Scorpion “Going South” Review Season 1 Episode 17 | TV Equals

TV Equals: "On the latest episode of “Scorpion,” it was time for the gang to be “Going South”- of the border, that is- namely to the Culiacan, Mexico region, where a drug cartel going by the name of La Plaga (aka “The Plague”) had kidnapped the daughter of a millionaire. The father in question, Richard Elia (Andy Buckley, “The Office”) had already paid ransom for Zoe (Mia Serafino, “Shameless”) once to the tune of some $2 million, with no success, only to receive another ransom video asking for more. Knowing that the cartel was likely to milk the situation for all it was worth, money-wise, he went to the team, hoping they could pinpoint a location via the video so that he could send an extraction team of his own to go and get her."

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