Heart More Than Humor Has Made Parks and Recreation One of the Best Sitcoms of All-Time

TVOM: "It’s sad to say, but it’s the truth: after tomorrow night, Parks and Recreation will be over. After an improbable seven seasons and over 120 episodes, Leslie Knope and the rest of our favorite folks from Pawnee will say one final goodbye, and I couldn’t be more happy or grateful that we’ve been given this time with such a wonderful show that has featured so many great memorable characters and always valued optimism and positivity over snarkiness and cynicism. In fact, it’s that attitude that Parks and Rec has always had, one that it has consistently showcased through the relationships between its characters, that has made the series so beloved, ensuring that it will be considered an all-time classic sitcom. To put simply, Parks and Recreation always valued sincerity and heart, even more so than humour."

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