Watch Katee Sackhoff's Brutal, Bloody Power Rangers "Deboot"


Joseph Kahn is one of the most accomplished and ambitious directors working in the music video and TV commercial industries. To date, he’s also made two feature films, with extremely different results. The first of those pictures, Torque, is almost an art object, the result of a filmmaker who isn’t interested in popcorn spectacle making the most ridiculous motorbike action movie you can imagine. It might well be to The Fast and the Furious what Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain is to a urinal.

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darklordzor1520d ago

Okay, this is good, but it's not lose your shit good like everyone is talking about. Just because a fan film doesn't outright suck, doesn't mean it's amazing either.

Spiewie 1519d ago

A brutal hero movie is always good maybe some directors should try it.

Soldierone1519d ago

I thought it was pretty good, the only thing I don't like is the use of guns. Would have been cool to watch them sword fight, then steal a gun, shoot it, then drop it. Not rely so much on them. (Kind of like the fight scene midway)

The other thing is killing them all, doesn't feel right.

Regardless, telling a better story and making them more real was simply awesome!