IGN | Gotham: 'Red Hood' Review


Even though the Red Hood gang story will only pay dividends in our minds, it felt more like a fun, harmless one-off rather than a big, heavy "this is where it all begins" ground zero moment. And I liked that. Also working this week was the visit Alfred and Bruce got from Reggie Payne, as it helped shade in Alfred's past and raise up Wayne Industries as a corporate villain.

Fish and Penguin however continued to flounder in stories that, respectively, don't tonally line up and seek to undo established character traits from earlier in the season.

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RetrospectRealm1520d ago

This is the first like, for real garbage episode of Gotham. They totally butchered Red Hood, making it some magical hood? Wtf? The Reggie thing was pretty cool, but the whole thing with Fish Mooney is just uncalled for. She needs to be killed off. And don't even get me started with Barbara. That little convo she had with Selina? What the hell?