Guardians of the Galaxy Director Fires Back At Award Season Superhero Movie Haters


"If you, as a "serious" filmmaker, think you put more love into your characters than the Russo Brothers do Captain America...or I do a talking raccoon, you are simply mistaken." Hit the jump for more of James Gunn's thoughts on the recent wave of superhero movie bashing...

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coolbeans1518d ago

Shots fired!

But I can understand where he's coming from. Heck, even Birdman played to that tune here and there.

It seems like the snobbish just want to point at the sub-genre as "everything that's wrong with filmmaking today" just because that's the thing to do.

-Foxtrot1518d ago

Being in a Media Production course at Uni I can tell you that there is a lot of young film makers who hate on the Super hero genre because it's "Big Old Hollywood" with their "Big explosions" and same old "we're going to save the world" plots. Not everyone does but some people can scoff at you if you mention how much you like Avengers or The Winter Soldier and say how you thought Lincoln, Selma or Boyhood were boring.

It comes off kind of snobbish to me, these are the same guys where for our 10 minute short films they were either about a "Drug user", "An Alcoholic", "A wife beater" or "I'm depressed and hate my life" was so depressing. Yet people looked at me funny because our group did a comedy film about two characters who can't open a safe at the top of an office building and since the lift doesn't work have to carry it down the stairs facing all kinds of obstacles...the catch at the end being the lift actually does work and the safe is empty. Evil eye looks...everywhere, it was unreal. It's a 10 minute film guys have fun with it.

So in my opinion I don't think it's just the Superhero genre, it's light hearted, warm, comedy films which don't take themselves seriously. It's like if you do one of them you are looked at like you do Adam Sandler films.

I really feel people make these serious, drama based films because they are so vain they want to be seen as this serious, professional film maker but for me it's just about having fun and create crazy worlds.

Soldierone1518d ago

I'm in film too (trying to be a screenwriter so if you ever want to team up :P )

I did something similar where I made a film like Always Sunny when they did "kitten mittens" and people in my class blew a major fit about it. Luckily i'm a held back guy and just let it go, otherwise I would have fired back at them for being so boring and terrible themselves.

Problem with them is some of us will be making movies people will remember for a long time, while a bunch of old guys MIGHT give their movie an award and then be forgotten by next year.

-Foxtrot1518d ago

Haha...I worked in a team for our film and I was just the screenwritter.

Had some problems with course so I havent really learnt enough to do Camera work, Editing or even Sound. I know, paying all that money for a film course and I only know how to do one thing. I think it's just because working in groups for 3/4 years each person has a certain role so you never get round to learn how to do other roles yourself. You know this is just my course ha.

Anyway as long as it's made well it shouldn't matter what you do. I feel it's a lot harder to do comedy films, especially student ones because good actors as so bloody rare to find. Peoples serious drama films had crap actors and they were laughable, least if you get a shit actor for a comedy film you can try and work around it by maybe making the character like if they stutter a lot you could have the character stutter and get another character make a joke over it.

I'm doing my final production piece now and I decided to try at least one serious film, a noire film set in an alternative 2015 where the world has hung onto the 1940s in terms of style. Let me tell you, I'm stuggling because it's not what I fully enjoy, I keep ending up having characters make silly jokes to each other and having to delete it because it doesn't fit the genre lol

But your right, people get awards and they are usually forgotten about. Least people will remember the first bunch of the Avenger films for years to come even when they decide to reboot the cinematic universe. People will always remember RDJ as Iron or even someone as minor like Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill. Like the guy who won best actor for the Theory of Everything, I won't remember him for that. Hell I probably won't remember 12 Years a Slave aswell winning best Picture in another few years

RetrospectRealm1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

You don't have to take a Media Production course to realize that. It's blatantly stated everywhere on the internet.

I feel the only reason people bash superhero movies is because it's the new fad. They think they're cool going against the flow. Fact is, these films make a billion dollars each. That goes to show, these films must be good. The crappy Amazing Spider-Man 2 did not perform THAT well, because it wasn't good.

Soldierone1518d ago

My thing is the this, movies were made to entertain before anything else. The silent films, the animations, etc... their first purpose was to make people laugh or enjoy themselves.

The only "artsy" ones were the ones to simply showcase film was possible, and it was those walk up machines.

The whole art twist is so stupid. There are multiple aspects to a good movie, simply doing a film "properly" is not correct. A good example is "The Tale of the Princess" animation they nominated. Absolutely awesome art and sound, but the animation itself was horrible, therefore it didn't deserve to win.

The Oscars though would be like "but it has good artistic talent!!!"

Defectiv3_Detectiv31518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

I have no problem with exploitation or genre pictures, but this argument is just ridiculous. Superhero films are fun because they are dumb entertainment, and there is nothing wrong with that. Very few have the actual depth or dimension of most Oscar contenders. (I would argue that Tilda Swinton, who starred in the comic book adaptation Snowpiercer, deserved a nom)