Let's Talk About The Oscars

Entertainment Buddha's Nick Hershey writes: "The 87th Academy Awards were handed out last night, and aside from maybe a surprise or two, things were pretty mellow. Celebs walked the carpet in fairly respectable attire, Neil Patrick Harris opened things with a bang, and John Travolta not only looked creepy, but acted creepy as well. All in all a pretty standard Oscar night."

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febzilla1519d ago

NPH was horrible and Lady Gaga stole the show.

Soldierone1519d ago

Didn't really care for it, tuned in a bit late and Honestly thought some of them were going to get into a political fight there.... especially when NPH disrespected a speech by calling Snowden a traitor.

Then they gave whats his name the "best actor" award and I shut it right back off. What a joke.