13 Movies Sure To P*ss Off Fanboys In 2015


2015 is destined to go down in history as the most franchise-friendly year in cinema history to date, what with so many series getting anticipated sequels, belated follow-ups, reboots, remakes, reimaginings and so on. While nobody expects that something like Avengers: Age Of Ultron is going to be anything other than catnip for practically everyone, plenty of other cinematic offerings this year aren’t sure to sit quite so well with fanboys.

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GamersHeaven1518d ago

Terminator ended with judgement/cameron genisys looks like unispired trash.

-Foxtrot1518d ago

They are basically "erasing" the first two films from the Universes timeline just so they can make any film exploiting our nostalgia for them

Plus it doesn't make sense.

Kyle Reese would of known about Sarah Connor being raised by a Terminator since that event changed the timeline. If you see the trailer where he's saved by Sarah, instead of it being the other way round, he seems really confused.

They would of known in the future about the timeline changing since they would exist in that new future. You can't have Kyle Reese from the old timeline cross into another. If he went back he would of been in HIS timeline, the un changed one.

GamersHeaven1518d ago

Haven't read much into the story line saw the trailer enough for me to know the movie will be garbage.Story sounds horrible shoe horning Kyle Reese in the story is a horribly pathetic idea he died in the first one theres no future for him he doesn't exist.