Black Sails "XIII" Review - IGN

IGN: No, we didn't get a massive ship vs. fort battle this week (the episode actually went nearly 20 minutes before we caught up with Flint and Vane in real time) but this chapter certainly was a powder keg of a different sort. What a reveal. That Flint and Thomas were lovers.
What started as an affair between Flint and Miranda shifted lovingly and laterally to Flint and Thomas. An affair that began right after the dinner scene we witnessed last week. It was clear that something else had to be responsible for Flint and Miranda fleeing England. Something way more than her just cheating on Thomas. Especially since nasty rumors followed her around anyway and Thomas himself seemed to be secretly aware, and approving, of the affair. But this revelation - topped off with a neat trick involving a note from Thomas to Flint on the inside cover of a copy of Marcus Aurelius - was magnificent.

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