Razzie Awards 2015 'Winners': The Full List

MovieFone: The 2015 Razzies "winners" have been announced, leaving the "losers" to breathe a collective sigh of relief -- because, well, who the hell wants to win a Razzie?

You see, for the past 35 years, on the eve of the Oscars, the Golden Raspberry Awards has honored the very best of the very worst movies released the previous year -- and this year's competition was nothing short of tragic. Everyone -- from Razzie favorites Nicolas Cage and Michael Bay to newcomers Nicola Peltz and Gaia Weiss -- was in the crosshairs, but only 10 took home Razzies.

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04roacht1520d ago

Ben Affleck got the redeemer haha

hanaghansarah1519d ago

Transformers 4 was an obvious, but i really enjoyed the remake of Annie.