‘Fifty Shades’ Falls 73% In 2nd Frame; ‘Hot Tub 2′ Runs Cold – Sunday Final

Deadline: Universal Focus is expecting Fifty Shades of Grey to come in lower than what we’ve been predicting, with $23.2M in its second weekend, down 73% for a running 10-day domestic cume of $130.1M. Revised Friday per the studio is $8.02M with a +12% increase on Saturday to $8.955M. Sunday is estimated to come in at $6.268M.

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Soldierone1518d ago

It's because everyone rushed out to see it and the film turned out to suck...

They had an opportunity to create a franchise and failed. Honestly, no matter how bad the books are, you could have thrown anything into theaters with this name. If it was good, people would have come back, or told others to go.

Instead EVERY single person I talked to that sat through this said it absolutely sucked. Not "meh, it was okay" I mean straight up did not like it. And it's the people that read the books....

As for Hot Tub Time machine, what did you think would happen? lol