Star Wars Han Solo 'Set To Get A Spin-Off Film, Producers Eye Taron Egerton To Play Iconic Role

DailyMail: Star Wars favourite Han Solo is set to get his own spin-off movie in the ever-growing Star Wars empire.

The film will reportedly reveal how Harrison Ford's iconic character got the Millennium Falcon and as well as showing how he fell out with Jabba the Hutt, according to The Sun.

Filming for another spin-off focused on bounty hunter, Boba Fett, stealing plans for the Death Star will have to be completed before the Solo spin-off can begin.

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-Foxtrot1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Urmmmm god no

Looks nothing like him and doesn't seem like the gruff, rough type Han is known to be

We need someone a little rougher looking to show he got off to a bad start to get where he is in a New Hope.

Get Anthony Ingruber, he sounds and looks a little like a younger Ford. A total unknown aswell

Stringerbell1520d ago

Bottom line is this, we need to see that famous Kessel run of his.

RetrospectRealm1520d ago

It'll be better left only seen in the imagination. There are so many other things they can do than just make a whole film out of one line of dialogue.

Stringerbell1518d ago

Obliviously I'm not saying to mkae a whole film out of that. But the fact that Han Solo was / is a smuggler is integral to his character pre Episode 4.