Oscar Voter Reveals Brutally Honest Ballot: "There's No Art to 'Selma,'" 'Boyhood' "Uneven"

THR: An anonymous female Academy member gives Patricia Arquette a nod "for having no work done in 12 years," says she "could have watched my hair grow" during 'Foxcatcher' and resented 'Selma' filmmakers wearing "I can't breathe" T-shirts.

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-Foxtrot1519d ago

I had to admit this was a pretty good read.

I really feel that the Oscars are basically all about what "shocking" themes you can do or what gimmick you can work into your film. It dosen't matter if the film is boring or dosen't really do much for you, it's all about if it can catch that special something which will make it talked about

Films tackling Race, Gender, Sexuality or a disease like cancer are more likely to get a nomination then others.

I mean I didn't think much of 12 Years of a Slave last year, yup I said it, as soon as it finished the first thing I thought was "This has been done to get an Oscar". Steve McQueen is a black director tackling race in a film about slavery....I mean it's pretty obvious, the film is suppose to be shocking, bold, powerful so of course it's going to get an Oscar nomination.

Schindler's List is another one back in 93, having a film deal with a very tough and sensitive topic such as the Holocaust is bound to turn heads. I hated the fact in the film they had cheap camera shots like where the camera was placed to look like a shower head in the gas chambers, I just thought it was tacky and didn't need to be done.

Boyhood has the gimmick, it's the same actors filmed over 12 years, something which has taken a long time to do. If the film had different actors for the roles and was made in the same time an average film was made in Hollywood it wouldn't be getting all these good reviews and recognition. People enjoy the gimmick it has not the overall film.

"that kind of movie has existed since [the 1933 film] 42nd Street. "You're gonna go out there, and I'm gonna yell at you that you can do better, and you're not gonna like me for it but then you will."

Perfectly sums up Whiplash. JK Simmons is a great actor but that's all the film has going for it. It's about a drummer who is pushed to his limit to become better, I mean even hearing the plot it sounds boring yet because it has a great actor like Simmons and follows the same "I'm going to yell at you until you get better" story, it's in there and it's good to go. Plus Miles Teller is a crap actor.

Theory of Everything for me was pointless, well acted and that but you have a film about one of the greatest minds around why the hell do you want a film based mostly around his marriage to his wife. There is so many things they could of done with Hawking.

In my opinion I think the Oscars need a change up, they need to welcoming of other genres which aren't dramas or musicals. Comedy to me should be more rewarding, yes we have so many shit comedies in a year alone but when you get those special ones which are hilarious it deserves some recognition. Comedy is much harder to pull off then a drama because Comedy never works out the way you want it to.

Nightcrawler, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Babadook, Inherent Vice, A Most Violent Year, Captain America The Winter Soldier, Calvary, Gone Girl, Edge of Tomorrow, St. Vincent, Paddington, I Origins, Lego Movie, Predestination etc

All films which I found were better or got the same amount of enjoyment them most of the Oscars nominations. Some were nominated but most were not.

RetrospectRealm1519d ago

Agreed with most of what you said except Schindler's List. That's a masterpiece. Spielberg is undeniably a master of his work.