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Steven Spielberg Hopes To Direct Chris Pratt In Indiana Jones Reboot

Deadline: Here’s a good one to chew on as we head off to the pre-Oscar parties. Last month, I reported that Steven Spielberg wants Chris Pratt to anchor the rebirth of Indiana Jones that is being developed at Disney. It’s very early days, but my sources tell me that, assuming a script comes in to his satisfaction, Spielberg hopes to direct that film. He directed the first four with Harrison Ford as the swashbuckling archaeologist.

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-Foxtrot1872d ago

This could be pretty awesome if done right. Chris Pratt would be an amazing choice

RetrospectRealm1872d ago

For some reason I totally forgot that Steven Spielberg would be the one directing. I hope they don't do a reboot though. Just continue on like James Bond.

-Foxtrot1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

I don't know, I kind of want them to reboot it because the 4th film ruined it for me.

The thing about James Bond is that James essentially lives forever (to us) as he moves through time with the audience. Would you really want Indiana Jones to be the same and have him closer to the present. I mean it could work but I feel his charm was always because the films were set in the past.

They could start continuing now though like James Bond in this new franchise. Have Chris play the part for 3-4 films and them move on with a new actor.

Although if it was set in the present least it could hopefully stop the Uncharted film as that's what Nathan Drake really is, the present day Indiana Jones. Plus Chris Pratt was always in peoples list of actors to play him.

RetrospectRealm1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

Nah man, it definitely has to be set in the past. Making it in the present doesn't even compute. Keep Crystal Skull, that'll be the last in the timeline unless they make another one with Ford, any ones with Pratt take place before that. Indy probably went on a BUNCH of adventures between each film. Even before Raiders.

When I say to just continue on like James Bond, I mean just recast whenever need be (with a good actor), but keep it all in the same universe.

Porcelain_Chicken1872d ago

At this point it's practically a done deal then!! :D Hell yeah!!!

Lord_Sloth1871d ago

Don't reboot it, just pull a James Bond. Make Indy a timeless character not bound to a single actor. Just make movies and as the actors grow too old in years recast.

ajax171870d ago

This would be pretty friggin' cool! I hope this guy has good sources