Elementary “When Your Number’s Up” Review Season 3 Episode 15 | TV Equals

TV Equals: "The final show before “Elementary” goes on a brief hiatus until March, the aptly-titled “When Your Number’s Up” is a decent enough episode to leave things on, given the coming-round-full-circle ending and the twisty, clever main case at hand, complete with an ace performance from the always-underrated Alicia Witt (“Cybil,” “Friday Night Lights”) as the main culprit. (She’s on a bit of a roll between “Justified,” this and her recent turn on “House of Lies,” IMHO.) Unlike most episodes, here we knew who did it from the very beginning, and the fun was in seeing how Holmes came around to figuring it out himself- along with the usual valuable assist from Watson."

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StarWarsFan1520d ago

Great episode. This show is so undervalued. It deserves some awards for acting.