Star Wars: The Force Awakens Opening SequencesThe Opening of an Adventure


Some of the opening sequences from Star Wars: The Force Awakens have popped up with some slight alterations. There were a lot of changes and alterations to the story as it evolved. We got some things very wrong and some things very right. Now we’re going to hopefully set it straight. This information is likely as concrete as we can get short of having read the script. Once again the actions are very broad and there’s lots of implication to minor details. The general events were filmed last Summer at Pinewood Studios. Certain context is missing without the opening crawl too. I’m very confident in this information. It also links up and intertwines with a few other rumors that have been around the internet on these various topics.

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monkeyfox1522d ago

why would we want to know what happens in the film?

Newmanator1522d ago

Exactly. I might avoid any further trailers (may be hard though)

RetrospectRealm1522d ago

Some people actually embrace spoilers.

XXXL1522d ago

Heard Luke Skywalker is keyser soze