American Idol Season 14 Episode 14 Review: “Showcase #2″ | TVOM

TVOM: We pick up right where we left off on Wednesday night’s American Idol, as the remainder of the top 24 get ready to be unleashed on America. Josh Sanders is the first to have his fate revealed, and at first glance I think that Bo Bice (aka Carrie Underwood’s Season 4 shadow) has returned to the show. He is the first of the night to face #FinalJudgment, and it’s not good news for him. (Dramatic hashtag much?) With only 24 spots to fill from 48 hopefuls, J.Lo warns us that “phenomenal singers are going home today.”"

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Aldous_Snow1516d ago

People still watch and review this trash?

The only decent person to come out of the whole thing was Adam Lambert and he didn't even win lol