What To Do About Racism In Film

Motion Picture Prejudice

Exodus: Gods and Kings has ignited a fire within the public’s eyes, because the public claim that the movie’s director, Ridley Scott, made a poor decision — and possible racist one — casting predominantly white actors as the leads of the movie. Exodus: Gods and Kings follows Egyptian Prince Moses and his journey through hardships. The key word in the previous sentence is Egyptian, not to be confused with white, because in the public’s eye Ridley Scott was confused.

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Garethvk1519d ago

By the same argument, why do we have African American characters playing White Super Heroes? When that is done the NAACP and groups call it inspired casting and the best person for the job. So my argument was ok, so you would be ok with a Caucasian, Asian, or Latino Blade, Spawn, or Shaft. Of course they would not. Funny how when it goes the other way it is not something that is as passionately supported.