NBC to Decide on Constantine Season 2 in May

DenOfGeek: Constantine showrunner Daniel Cerone will pitch season 2 to NBC in May. The show isn't cancelled yet, he says...

When the hoped-for "back nine" order didn't arrive for NBC's Constantine, which recently concluded its first thirteen-episode season, the writing seemed to be on the wall for the Hellblazer adaptation. Not so, says showrunner Daniel Cerone, there's still hope that the man in the mac might return to TV.

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-Foxtrot1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

If it's saved then I would be extremely happy although if it's cancelled then at least in the future they could make the next Constantine reboot much closer to the comics.

More darker John
His addiction to smoking
Follows the comic storylines
Not just relying on the one god, the comics featured other religious gods
No angels...comic didn't really feature them much
Set in Britain, John didn't go to America that much

RetrospectRealm1518d ago

The smoking will probably never happen. At least not on TV.

Soldierone1518d ago

It will if NBC drops it and Scyfy picks it up.

Chances are though with the demand it picked up to be moved, NBC will be stupid and keep it.