Why The 100 Is the Most Morally Complex Drama on Network TV

TVOM: "The CW’s The 100 is one of my favorite shows on television for a bevy of reasons, from its plethora of strong, compelling female characters to its talented cast (led by the fantastic Eliza Taylor) to its always intense action sequences. However, what makes the series not just one of my favorite shows, but one of the best shows currently airing on TV right now, is that it’s a smart, rich, and complex series, one that doesn’t feel the need to hold its audience’s hand through every difficult character decision; The 100 understands that morality, especially in the face of extreme circumstances, is not as simple as black or white. As perfectly illustrated in many moments in last night’s terrific episode, “Resurrection, The 100 has grown into the most morally complex drama on network TV."

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