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IGN: I’m a bit under the weather this week and going to try and keep this one short – so I’ll jump to the chase and say the penultimate episode of Agent Carter was the show’s best one yet.
There was a sense of dread permeating over the episode, especially as all the main characters were separated and the feeling that one of them was going to die loomed large and what impressed me here was that I cared about that. The more it became likely either Dooley, Thompson or Sousa were going to die, the more I recalled how just a few weeks ago I was bemoaning that the SSR guys needed fleshing out and to be (Sousa aside) more than just sexist obstacles to Peggy’s progress, and the Agent Carter writers had done just that in the limited time available. Seven episodes in and I wasn’t looking forward to any of them buying it and there was a well done sense of anxiety building through the episode as a result.

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This series has been fantastic

It's the only comic book series I enjoy as it doesn't rely on too many things from the comics to keep it's self afloat. Whilte Agents of SHIELD needs The Winter Soldier plot points and the Inhumans