Dan Aykroyd Says 'Conventional Ghostbusters 3' Could Happen After Female-Led Reboot


Dan Aykroyd has revealed that he is still hoping to make a "conventional" sequel to his two original Ghostbusters movies.

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-Foxtrot1524d ago

Eh? So why let Paul tarnish the franchise by making his version

Saddens me more that they've waited untill Harold died to actually make plans for the third film

The best they can do is get some funny male actors to replace them in the third film. I suppose they could use Harold's death in the plot by having it why they decided to go out of the Ghost hunting business after Egon was killed. Good way to pass the torch on.

My picks would be

Bill Hader
Rob Corddry
Sam Rockwell
Donald Glover/Michael Ealy/Craig Robinson/Terry Crews

Crazay1524d ago

Rob Cordry is effin hilarious and I love the idea of Terry Crews.

Aldous_Snow1523d ago

But Harold Ramis can still be in it... It is called Ghostbusters after all lol

SouthClaw1523d ago

Some good people in that list

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1523d ago

I love Bill Hader! That's not a bad list. Sam Rockwell seems massively underrated!! :(

-Foxtrot1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

Isn't it he...he's hilarious and yet he doesn't get enough comedy roles as the main lead

He's had some great non comedy roles aswell like Moon

He was fantastic in Seven Psychopaths and had good parts in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and Galaxy Quest.

Hell he even made tolerate Cowboys and Aliens

Porcelain_Chicken1523d ago

Haha love that list. I can see it perfectly. Agree with Blondie, Sam is massively underrated! The guy could go from dead serious to goof ball at the bat of an eye! He stole the show in Seven Psychopaths.

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StarWarsFan1523d ago

Yeah, it could, but if the reboot bombs, there won't be much interest at the studio in a conventional sequel for a few years until people forget about the reboot altogether. How would a conventional sequel even work with a reboot out there. What's the point? Two alternative universes?

SilentNegotiator1522d ago

Or you could stop beating dead horses that are old movie franchises and come up with some original ideas.

Yeah, let's go with that one.