TVF The Mentalist Series Finale Review: The Perfect Wedding

It was the series finale of The Mentalist and where do I begin? Let’s start with a personal note… I’ve watched The Mentalist from the very beginning and was almost immediately hooked. It had an intriguing story and engaging characters from the start.

The Mentalist was also one of the very first shows that I began reviewing here at TV Fanatic so it has a very special place in my heart. It’s always sad when one of your favorite shows ends, but I much prefer to, as Jane said to Lisbon in the end, look at the bright side.

Thanks to a devoted fan base, CBS gave us this final season to wrap the show up properly with The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 12 and The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 13 did not disappoint.

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alycakes1525d ago

It was pretty great...I'm so glad they ended the way they did. I was left with a big smile on my face. I couldn't have been done any better along with Lisbon almost loosing it because nothing was going her way. Loved it.