TVF Stalker Season 1 Episode 17 Review: Fun and Games

Was that really the end?

Stalker Season 1 Episode 17 found the team kicking the pursuit of Ray and Perry into high gear as the threat from them reached new heights of craziness.

CBS needs to give us the next installment soon. They can't just build us up to that freaking point and leave the final three episodes unaired. That was probably one of the harshest cliffhangers this TV season. We need resolution.

It all began with us getting word that Amanda was safe. Come on, we all knew this would be the case, right?

Ray sure showed his true colors and they weren't pretty. The guy practically went on a killing spree. All in the name of getting Michelle back.

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alycakes2041d ago

Okay, last night was just stressful. I knew that was going to happen and why they didn't being that they are suppose to be experts, I don't know. I would have had more people on Beth than they had for one thing. Now what?