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Cartoon Network Is Bringing Back ‘The Powerpuff Girls’, Releasing a ‘Regular Show’ Movie, and More

Junkie Monkeys: Cartoon Network dropped a huge bomb this morning in a recent press release. A lot of major things are happening!

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-Foxtrot2244d ago

Of all the shows to bring back

Dexters Lab
Johnny Bravo
Cow and Chicken

Ed, Edd and Eddy

The New Cartoon Network is horrible, shows like the Regular Show and Adventure Time just rely on randomness to be funny whether it's the designs, story or gags. Least older ones put more effort into them

Treezy5042243d ago

I'd love for Dexter's Lab to come back, but Christine Cavanaugh (voice of Dexter) passed away last month. I actually like some of the shows on CN like Regular Show, Steven Universe, Clarence. but I really want them to pick this show up.

-Foxtrot2243d ago

Well when Christine retired Candi Milo took over and she sounds similar.