Bruce Campbell Talks Ash vs. Evil Dead with Dread Central

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With the hotly anticipated television continuation of the Evil Dead film series “Ash vs. Evil Dead” in pre-production, we caught up exclusively this week with series executive producer and star Bruce Campbell, and fans can rejoice because the boomstick is back in a BIG way.

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-Foxtrot1520d ago

This would of been awesome if it was just Ash on the road, meeting new people each week to help them.

Now we have two pointless sidekicks which are really going to ruin his style.

Ash worked well in the films because he was the lone survivor...the lone badass.

Porcelain_Chicken1520d ago

Works well in movies, to build tension now & then. But it would get boring to see him by himself for %90 of each episode. I loved Bruce Campbell's back & forth between him and the other characters in the movies. I wanna see that witt throughout the series!

-Foxtrot1520d ago

Which is why I said

"meeting new people each week to help them"

Like Person of Interest or X Files for special guests each week which are needed for the story