THR: 'The Odd Couple': TV Review

One uptight neat-freak who is about to be divorced moves in with his friend — a very messy and laid-back divorced guy (they clash).

As with most CBS shows, the assumption going forward should be that it will be a hit, until proven otherwise. Which is why you can’t fault the network for wanting to do a modern version of The Odd Couple, starring Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon.

And, in a lot of ways, The Odd Couple works — though comparisons to the original will inevitably be unfavorable. And, based on 22 minutes of a pilot — the only thing critics were able to see — not fair, either.

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alycakes1931d ago

I'm sure people are going to compare it to the original one...don't most people do that? I know it won't be the same but I think I might watch it, if it's annoying then I won't watch it.