'Two and a Half Men's' Chuck Lorre: Finale Will "Acknowledge Everything We've Been Through"

The prolific producer talks with THR about bringing his veteran CBS comedy — which he describes as "two different shows" — to an end.

Over the past 12 seasons, CBS' Two and a Half Men has been many things: A Charlie Sheen vehicle; a series that pushed boundaries on network television; a comedy shrouded in controversy; Ashton Kutcher's comeback; and original star Jon Cryer's masterpiece.

On Feb. 19, Men comes to an end with an hourlong episode titled "Of Course He's Dead," a nod to speculation that its former star, Sheen, could return to his old stomping grounds for the first time since he was publicly fired in March 2011.

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alycakes1528d ago

I think it would only be appropriate for Charlie to be acknowledged on the series finale. The show would never have been a success if it hadn't been for him anyway.

Soldierone1527d ago

Only way this episode gets high ratings is if Sheen returns. Otherwise it won't be "that" big. It'll be substantially better than current runs, but nothing record breaking.