TVF The Flash Season 1 Episode 14 Review: Fallout

Not God. Grodd.

The continual hints of Grodd are really entertaining, especially when they rid us of pesky unwanteds like General Eiling. RIP Eiling. We'll miss you, Clancy Brown, but you'll soon be on another dozen shows so we aren't worried about your employment situation. Being dragged away like a limp doll by Grodd made our day!

The ability of The Flash team to make characters with whom it is so easy to identify truly amazes. In no time at all, Martin Stein won my heart. His enthusiasm for his life's work and his love for his wife were infectious. Why haven't they been able to do the same with Iris?

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alycakes1521d ago

That was great watching Ronnie and Martin split and remerge when they needed to. At least now they can control it. It's going to be very interesting from now on.