TVF Person of Interest Season 4 Episode 15 Review: Q&A

For a show that could easily be predicable and formulaic, I’ve enjoyed that Person of Interest continues to try and switch things up and keeps providing moments of real suspense and surprise.

It’s been nice going back to that old school vibe of Reese and Finch leading the case of the week. Of course, I’ve enjoyed the expanding POI team, but there’s something about the original two that just feels classic.

Reese and Finch definitely have a great rapport, and we’ve seen countless times that whether they are in the lair or out in the field, both characters can shine. And they do again in Person of Interest Season 4 Episode 15.

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alycakes1523d ago

This was a close one for Finch and I can't believe Claire turned on him after all they did for her. She'll learn her lesson one day.