Fans Petition For Scarlett Johansson To Be Replaced In Ghost In The Shell Live-Action Movie

CB: Though it took longer than you might have expected, fans have finally gotten around to petitioning DreamWorks Studios' decision to cast Scarlett Johansson as the lead in their live action adaptation of the 1995 anime film Ghost in the Shell.

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04roacht1521d ago

Studios have no duty whatsoever to cast Asian actors in these roles. They want big names to sell tickets. The studio doesn't owe anyone anything until the audience has paid for a ticket and by then you have paid to view the film. Casting an Asian actor would affect the box office and they are a business at the end of the day.

WizzroSupreme1521d ago

Doesn't meant that the character deserves the injustice.

StarWarsFan1521d ago

I think she'll do a fine job. Where's a petition for the Ghostbusters reboot when you need one?

GiantEnemyCrab1520d ago

There you go! I would sign that in a heartbeat. Talk about blasphemy, taking a classic like GB and turning it into a Bridesmaid SNL skit.

On Topic: Scarlett can't act for crap. Have you seen Lucy? She is cute but nothing dynamic about her on screen unless it's via special effects.

Soldierone1520d ago

I think we could get 5 million people to sign that and the clueless studio still would be like "Guess what! a 5th Ghostbuster!!!!!" and not care at all.

Dark111521d ago

Scarlett Johansson is a GOOD actress for action movies
beside it's not like there tons of asian actors they can choose from .. the closest thing you will get is Rinko Kikuchi and she was AWFUL.

Sorry folks. SC is on a whole different level compared to asian actors.

Soldierone1520d ago

This is just plain stupid if I'm being blunt.

This franchise is not as massive as the fans think, especially in core markets, so they NEED a big name tied to it. Johansen is perfect for the role, her being in it alone made someone like me want to see it. Take her out, put in a no name for the sake of "respect" and the movie bombs.... Face facts that people see names.

Let her do her thing, make the franchise massive, THEN cry about wanting this because THEN and only THEN is the franchise selling itself and not the actress....

Hergula1520d ago

Well, I see your point but why ScarJo? Why not someone more suitable? I mean ScarJo could pull it off, but wouldn't it in the end be too far similar to her Black Widow character? Not really, but still, to a certain extent, it seems like a good film to give someone else a shot.

Soldierone1520d ago

She is a massive action icon that happens to be female. There really isn't someone else that could pull it off with as big of a name.

I mean there are a few, they just are not big enough for that draw like her. Same reason Angelina Jolie was getting movies left and right when she did something similar.

They simply want this movie to be MASSIVE and turn into a franchise, so they went for a big name.

Hergula1519d ago

Reply to your comment below.

Yes, I see what you mean, she would definitely make the film a box office hit, however she might not be the best fit for the character itself. However, this is also based on mere opinion, as we all have our own. Honestly, I don't mind seeing ScarJo playing the part, as long as she can pull it off, something we obviously won't know before we see the film.

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