Why Justified Season 6 Could Be the Show’s Best Season

TVOM: "Today is Tuesday, which means that tonight there will be a bevy of fantastic shows on the air, including The Flash, Parks and Rec, and New Girl. However, out of all the series currently airing on Tuesday, the one I look forward to most is Justified, which is in the middle of its final season, and while some shows limp to the finish line when it’s their turn to go off the air, Justified is sprinting, providing fans with all the fantastic writing and performances that they’ve come to expect from the FX series and then some. In fact, at the risk of feeling the wrath of Mags Bennett and her apple pie moonshine, I’d even go as far to say that Justified‘s swan song may even have the potential to surpass the heights of the show’s all-time great second season, which gave us the infamous and aforementioned Mags and her sons, and did an excellent job at blending all of the characters’ shared histories together with their present stories."

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alycakes1523d ago

I'm going to miss it so much.