Pierce Brosnan Backs Idris Elba to be the Next James Bond

Daily Mail

It’s a hotly contested debate with strong opinions both for and against, but Idris Elba’s potential casting as a future James Bond has been given its strongest endorsement yet – from former 007 Pierce Brosnan.

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-Foxtrot1522d ago

No please, just get someone else

Great actor but he's just wrong for the role

Just make another Spy action film and give him a role in that instead.

Porcelain_Chicken1522d ago

Hollywood: "But... But... But....diversity... :("

I actually think this is gonna happen. In fact I have a gut feeling that it's already a done deal.

-Foxtrot1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

It's a shame because when ever they talk about "diversity" and try to shove it down our throats it's always a black actor

Chinese, Japanese, Indiana, Pakistani etc...they just don't care.

Look James Bond has always been played by a white actor, it's his origin, a white man who was born from a Swiss mother and a Scottish father. That's it, that's how it was and that's what it is

04roacht1522d ago

Agree. Doing something for the sake of diversity is not a good reason. I think Idris Elba is great but he is too old to play Bond. Craig still has a few films left in him. So its likely that if Elba was Bond he wouldn't be it till he was 46 or 47. By then people don't want another Rodger Moore.

Porcelain_Chicken1522d ago

Well Ras'Al Ghul & Bane were both white washed in the Nolan franchise. So was the Mandarin in Iron Man 3. And Tiger Lily in that new Pan movie.

Happens everywhere. With both races. I have a feeling it's just gonna be like this forever. I'll... try & get used to it! T-T

ArcticWolfUK1520d ago

Those changed cause Black men were always the villains, but changing the hero is just wrong, imagine a black Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne it just wouldn't look right and I think the same goes for Bond.

ArcticWolfUK1522d ago

wont watch if bond is black.

Hold_It1521d ago

Racists and their inability to get with the 21st century. You all should be ashamed of yourselves! If someone has the acting talent to play such a character then by all means you shouldn't be hypersensitive because of their race. Oh but I mean James Bond was always white excuse doesn't work anymore. (Overplayed)

ArcticWolfUK1520d ago

Black man does not fit the role as Its been said Bond is Swiss and Scottish, where blacks are rare and also he has been white for so long it just wouldn't look right.

hazelamy1522d ago

oh noes, end of the world, a fictional character might be played by a black guy?
it's political correctness gone mad.

i mean, look at his family history, there are absolutely no black people in Switzerland or Scotland.

what kind of sjw crap is this when somebody suggests the best actor for a a role might be a black guy?

am i being too subtle with this mocking sarcasm?

Stringerbell1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

First they took my Nick Fury and I said nothing

Then they took my Johnny Storm and I said nothing

Now my James Bond?

The humanity, how will I go on in life, all is lost! Something something agenda Hollywood something something!