TVF Castle Season 7 Episode 15 Review: Reckoning

Despite always knowing that Kate Beckett would survive (because what would Castle be without Kate Beckett?), Castle Season 7 Episode 15 still managed to be one of the most suspenseful of the series.

The story picked up right where Castle Season 7 Episode 14 left off. The moment they found Beckett’s car and realized she’d been abducted things moved very quickly. Esposito and Ryan barked orders to the uniforms with an intensity I don’t think I’ve ever heard from them before.

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alycakes1521d ago

I'm just happy that Tyson is really dead this time. He just seemed to have too much power and fun torturing Castle.

StarWarsFan1521d ago

Best episode this season. I think they concluded the story with 3XK because they want to focus on Castle's disappearance next. By the way, did they explain how Tyson fooled the DNA and fingerprint tests?

alycakes1520d ago

Come to think about it I don't think they even went there. The doctor had to have done something to do with that.

StarWarsFan1520d ago

I guess the fingerprint test was somewhat referenced when Castle said she was a brilliant surgeon, so she wouldn't have left scars. But that was sketchy. As for the DNA: I don't recall anything. Maybe it's not the end?

alycakes1519d ago

You know what's not 'the end' of? Remember when he disappeared and he planned it and paid someone to make him forget something the he saw or did or something that happened to him when he was about eleven or a kid around that age? That's what I want to know about and will they ever address that again. They just left us hanging on it.