Masters Of The Universe Movie Logo Revealed


A Sony/Columbia Pictures exec has tweeted the logo for the live-action He-Man Masters Of the Universe movie.

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hazelamy1520d ago

i wonder if this one will stay on Eternia the whole time or will they set it on earth to save money again.

and will they even feature Adam? or just He-Man like the last one.

Crazay1520d ago

for it to be any good, I think they need to stick to source material.

SandboxQuint1520d ago

I hope they bring in Dolph as King Randor!

saadd201520d ago

damn! I hope they dont ruin my childhood. the last one wasnt so bad.

SilentNegotiator1520d ago

He-man is a terribly unrealistic depiction of men that your average man can't live up to. This is going to create an epidemic of low self esteem for boys.

On a serious note, I can't wait to see a live action/CG Skeletor.